Course objectives

The aim of this course is to encourage participants to engage in and achieve flowing spoken English.

Creative discussions within a relaxed atmosphere encourage the voicing of participants’ individual perspectives in the context of Art and Design. Aim: the course will include the use of a toolkit for creative discussion; the objective is to stimulate exuberant, fluid conversation.

Evening 4 and 8 week courses
Two courses from 18.00 – 19.30 hours run once per week each (6 and 12 hours). Intermediate level course; Mondays and advanced level course; Wednesdays. The trainer will be available one hour prior to the first session of the course for the purposes of registration and the issuing of receipts. If full payment has not been made prior to the first session of the course, please arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than the session start time.

Summer intensive courses
July, from Monday through to Friday from 09.30 – 13.30 hours with a break from 11.00 – 12.00 hours (15 hours).

Course size
A minimum of five and maximum of ten people will participate.

Course content
A course session is 90 minutes and will commence with some useful ‘tools’ used for polite conversation including: vocabulary training, useful idioms, common homophones, ways of polite introduction and common mistakes. This will be followed by a discussion. For each session there will be a set theme for discussion. This will be described during the preceding session. Participants of weekly courses will receive during the preceding week an email describing the discussion theme for the following week.

1-2-1 training
Individual lessons customised to your requirements and aims, are available by arrangement.