The value of natural capital – education through craft

The study was conducted in Vienna, it researched the value children place on the natural world and how this perspective with engagement in creative studies in both a workshop and natural environment can alter.
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Communicating Hand Skills

Exploring a link between the decline/learning of hand skills and a dis/connection of ‘self’ within nature
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Über das (Er)lernen von handwerklichen Fähigkeiten

Deutsche Übersetzung des obigen Essays.
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Craft and Design

Do the skills used to create an artefact of qualitative uniqueness and quality by hand, increase ability in aspects of design?
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Werken und Design

Deutsche Übersetzung des obigen Essays.
Können die handwerklichen Fähigkeiten zur Herstellung eines künstlerischen Produktes die Designqualität steigern?
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Emerging trends in sustainable design for office furniture

Discussing the governing and influencing factors with which industrial designers work.
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The Hidden Room

A short history of the ‘Privy’ from a design perspective.
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Reflecting on the experience of craft in the context of art and design

A lecture discussing how experiencing ‘design and technology‘ may increase awareness of one’s surroundings
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